Love People Project

Tadashi Shoji, located in Vernon, CA is a high-fashion designer of
womans dresses, that are often seen on the red carpet. Tadashi
and his generous staff helped our food pantry by filling one of our
food distribution box's to the brim.  The employees gave; can food,
rice, oatmeal, cereal, and other items. The total weight of all the
food was well over 150lbs, and there is enough food to distribute
into the "Life Packs" over a three month period. Thank you, Tadashi
Shoji and staff, your love and support are greatly appreciated.
25852 Mc Bean Parkway #817
Valencia, CA 91355
Volunteer/Founder: Julie Beijer
Volunteer/V.P: Don Hendricks
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Tadashi Shoji 2014-1015 Benefactor

Tadashi Shoji goes beyond our expectations with his generosity. In
November 2014 I personally shared with him what Love People
Project does and how allowing us to put a food donation box in his
saw the good we are doing in the community he had to get involved.

Tadashi Shoji, a marvelous designer of  beautiful  gowns and
garments for the stars, red carpet events, weddings, and other
special events is a very  busy man. He travels year round from
California to New York to China, and attends several different
events throughout the year yet he still believes in the good of others
and contributions to society.  In 2004 he created the  Tadashi
Foundation, the Tadashi Foundation is designed to help charities
and causes. In 2014 he contributed to The Samuel Waxman
Cancer Research Foundation as well as the Pink Ribbon Project to
help cure breast cancer. The foundation has also given to St. Judes
Children's Hospital, Japanese Relief Fund, and many others. Not
only does the foundation donate where help is needed but it also
provides scholarships to FIDM for new and upcoming young
fashion students.

We at Love People Project are inspired by this man's generosity
and grateful to him for helping this cause. We can now provide "Life
Packs" every month to homeless individuals because of his
Thank you Tadashi Shoji!