Love People Project is a 100% non-profit organization; 90%percent of cash donations go towards purchasing "Life Pack" items and
supplies, 5% goes towards fundraising and the other 5% business operations and advertising.

Please become a regular member and give once a month. A "Life Pack" cost $130.00, this includes a large canvas backpack, a 0
degree mummy sleeping bag, a two person tent, an emergency kit, a hygiene kit, gloves, beanie, reusable water bottle, towel,
headlamp, and food. If you can donate $130.00 a month you can provide one homeless individual a nomadic home. If you can
donate $20.00 a month that is one sleeping bag, and $30.00 is a tent.

On the Paypal Donation Page decide what kind of contributor you would like to be. A member is a regular donor, your information
will not be sold and if you choose to keep your name private please leave "private" in message box on Paypal donation page or send
us an email  Love People Project is a public corporation and offers at request financial records.

We want to thank people like you; people that love, people that care, people that give, and people that make a difference in the life
of others. We could not do this on our own, your stewardship helps change the future.
May you be richly blessed by your contribution today.

Staff @ Love People Project
Love People Project
25852 Mc Bean Parkway #817
Valencia, CA 91355
Volunteer/Founder: Julie Beijer
Volunteer/V.P: Don Hendricks