Distribution Day Description:

Distribution Days are when we go downtown Los Angeles or into LA County to distribute "Life Packs". This is a hands-on event
where you get to help another person, share with them, and support them. Sometimes this experience can be rewarding and other
times it can be heartbreaking. You never know who may want your help, who may appreciate it, and who may just want you to
leave them alone. As volunteers we have to remember that not everyone has our same mindset and most people do not
understand the generosity of another without strings attached. We will come across people that have been abused, or are mentally
disabled, others will have addiction to drugs or alcohol. Lying is common from a person living on the streets as their trust level
has shifted tremendously to survival mode. We take all precautions when we head into Los Angeles because you never know what
you may encounter. If we have several volunteers we stay in groups of four, where there must be at least one man present.

When we gift a "Life Pack" and other items to an individual, there are several steps:
First, you take the time to find out if that person is actually homeless and needs the items.
Second, you introduce yourself and ask them if they would like a "Life Pack", do not assume everyone would want  
one. Many people do but some people do not want hand-outs.
Third, take the time to show the person everything that is in their pack and how to use it. If they do not know how
to set-up their tent, teach them how by demonstrating.
Fourth, talk with them; get their name, get their story, find out how long they have lived on the streets and how
they survive.
Fifth, take a photo with them for our media pages to help our cause, and also as a documented file on who the pack was given too.
Sixth, our final step is to ask if they would like prayer, if they are receptive then we pray with them and for them.

We meet in Valencia for this event, and drive out together. If you cannot, you can meet us in Los Angeles. This event always starts
at 1pm on the last Sunday of the month.

If you would like to participate in this event, please watch the video link.(video soon to come)
Please fill-out the Volunteer Form and mark which event you can attend. Please e-mail Volunteer Form to:
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Volunteer/V.P: Don Hendricks
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