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Volunteer: Angela Leib
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Los Angeles County according to the latest
reports by the Weingart Center released Nov 21,
2013 in the LA Times. There are 58,000
homeless people living in Los Angeles County.
This makes LA second in the nation to NYC, for  
having the largest homeless population, a 15%
increase in two years.

One out of 45,or about 1.6 million children
are homeless
each year, according to a 2009
study by the National Center on Family
Homelessness. Reported by American Instituted
for Research. (latest reports found)

Alaska, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho,
Nevada, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island,
Washington State, and Washington
D.C. have the highest rates of homelessness,
according to a study released in 2007 by The
National Alliance to End Homelessness.(latest
reports found)

People who are homeless frequently report
health problems: 38%
report alcohol use
26% report other drug use problems,
39% report some form of mental health problems
(20-25% meet criteria for serious mental illness),
66% report either substance use and/or mental
health problems,
3% report having HIV/AIDS,
26% report acute health problems other than
HIV/AIDS such as tuberculosis, pneumonia, or
sexually transmitted diseases,
46% report chronic health conditions such as
high blood pressure, diabetes, or cancer.

The McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance
was the first—and remains the only—major
federal legislative response to homelessness.
President Ronald Reagan signed the act into law
in 1987. There have been many revisions to the
Law since.

Recognize National Homeless Persons’
Memorial Day
Every year, on or around the first day of winter
(December 21), nearly 100 communities
nationwide hold local memorial services to
remember people who have died homeless
during that year.
Join us this year on
December 21, 2014 as we hold a candlelight
vigil in Valencia and walk for the homeless
Sunday, November 2, 2014 @ 1-5pm. Love People Project: Deliver Life Packs
to the homeless in Los Angeles.
Sunday, November 2, 2014 @6pm. Love People Project Board Meeting
will be
right after delivering Life Packs to LA. We will meet locally in Valencia @ Starbucks,
Granerey Square, 25912 McBean Pkwy, Santa Clarita, CA 91355
LPP is a public non-profit and all meetings are open for new and current members. If
you would like to attend and be part of what LPP is doing to make a difference in this
world please join us. We are still in need of a Treasurer, Bookkeeper/Accountant,
Organizations/Opperations person, and volunteers.
Please send us an email or call us if you can attend this event.

September 7, 2014: Three volunteers went to Los Angeles and delivered eight “Life
Packs” to the homeless. We were not able to get everyone's story but we first met
Albert Brown, 60+ years old, from New Orleans, he has been on the streets since
1994. His family lives in Los Angeles. He has two children that are grown, he gets to
visit with them once in awhile.

We met Kristen walking down an alley. Kristen, 33, is originally from Florida and then
Alabama lived in Hawaii and her family lives in Portland, Oregon. She doesn’t want to
prostitute so she allows people to paint her body for money, she says she is like a live
Picasso. Kristen has been through a lot in life telling us that everything went downhill
after she was forced to go to boarding school as a teenager. When she lived in Hawaii
she was forced into prostitute as opposed to living on the streets but after getting into
trouble with her pimp she fled back home to Oregon where her family put her in a
rehabilitation center. When she got out she came to California. When we approached
her and gave her a life-pack she just broke down in tears telling us how much she
hated Los Angeles and how the people were so mean to her. There was evidence that
she had recently been beaten up as her black eye was slowly healing. We gave her a
ride to Venice so she was not on the hard streets of Los Angeles anymore.

Everyone we helped lived within blocks of each other. We met Al who had made a
makeshift home out of crates and tarp. Al is a very friendly man, he worked six years
ago in the Salvation Army rehab program driving a truck. When they had the
recession he was laid off, and has been on the streets since.

When we drove down Alameda we met several other homeless men. Pepper, is a vet,
he has been on the street for 20 years. He suffers from PTSD, and shared that he
had other mental instability issues prior to the military. He chooses to live on the
streets because he has a hard time living within the constraints of society. Pepper
does not look homeless he cleans up daily and he hustles to make money on the
Carlos is from El Salvador, he is in his 20’s, he is an immigrant. He lived San
Fernando and was an ex gangster. He got into trouble with the gang life and
accidentally crashed his aunts car. Out of fear of being deported he went into hiding
on the streets of Los Angeles. For short time he got a job in LA but then got addicted
to marijuana and meth and lost his job. Carlos told us his story with a remorseful heart
and wishes he wasn’t living on the streets homeless. All he owns is a bike, and he
teared up when we gave him a life pack.

Tony, 43, is also a veteran. We were unable to get Tony’s story but he has been on
the streets for at least 15 years.

Miguel, 54, is from Atlanta, Georgia. He has been homeless for seven years.

Bayern, in his 40’s, is a veteran who served in the navy. He is from Los Angeles and
has lived on the streets for 20 years. His parents died within one year of each other
when he was nine years old. He was raised in the system and join the Navy at 18.
When he got out of the Navy he had a hard time holding a regular job and ended up
on the streets. He has no living family. He was such a nice man, he owns nothing and
all he had was a few recycles and a shopping cart. He was grateful to receive the life

Giving out the life packs on September 7 was perfect because it rained that night and
the next couple days. The two remaining life packs were for a homeless boy that I met
a week ago here in Valencia, and a veteran that has a caseworker with the VA
hospital out of San Fernando. I found the boy in Valencia a couple days after we
deliver the packs to LA and the VA hospital called me for the remaining pack.

June 28, 2014: We had the opportunity to hold our First Love People Project Benefit
Concert in Simi Valley. Beijer Ranch, Robert and Christina Beijer, offered their large
property home as our concert location. Christina Beijer, owner of Beijer Vocal Studios
contacted several local bands that pulled their efforts together to make this event
happen. The Beijer's built a stage in their yard, and Robert Beijer used his talent as
the audio engineer. Musicians such as the Crippled Strippers, Hannah Rose, Sadie
Rose Van, Abby Ward, Christina Beijer with special guest Curt Piar, and Jes Segura,
all performed for an audiance of 80 people from 3-9pm. It was a perfect sunny day,
family fun, and full of support from the local community. We where able to raise
$1450.00 which can provide 10 "Life Packs" to the homeless. Our event also got some
local coverage in the Acorn Newspaper,
04/Community/Harmonies_for_the_homeless.html. Thank you again to all those that
made this event happen.

March 16, 2014: Five Volunteers: Julie, Joe, Missy, Kevin, and Nick set-out to help
the homeless in Santa Clarita Valley. After several attempts looking under bridges,
walking through the river bed, and driving all over the SCV valley...we finally found
Rich. Rich is originally from New York, and was living homeless there for years before
he made his way out to California. He lives under a bridge and has several basic
items. He was enthusiastic, intelligent, and full of life. He walked us to some other
homeless friends that live down the way in the riverbed. Unfortunately they where not
their for us to help, but Joe (VP) went back a couple days later and brought the other
two gentlemen each a “Life Pack” and he also brought new tennis shoes to Rich.

March 29, 2014: There where eight “Life Packs” left from our SCV delivery attempt.
So Sunday at noon we drove to Van Nuys, CA. Julie, Joe, Angela, Missy, and John
volunteered their time to help with this event. There are several homeless that live by
the state and court buildings off of Van Nuys Blvd. We successfully found all eight
people to help within 3 blocks of each other, and what a blessing it was to help. First
we found John digging through the trash at the county Jail, he had a bike, was in his
70’s, and had a young demeanor. He said he didn’t need anything but directed us to
the rest of those that did.
When we drove down the street we found Shalene sleeping on the concrete with just a
blanket and a few items. She knew that God brought us to her, to help her. Around the
corner was Troy, Prince, and Madena, they have been homeless for several years,
but find more resources in Van Nuys. They laughed when they found out that John did
not take a “Life Pack” because they said he needed most, because all of the stuff next
to them on the curb, well…it belonged to John and that he needed to downsize.
Next we drove around another block back to where we started because Angela was
sure she saw someone sleeping, she was right. We meet Steven, he was just released
from jail two days before; he was placed in jail for sleeping on the streets…ironic.
Steven and Joe talked awhile about the Dodgers and many other life events. He was
such a genuine person, and he felt so blessed to receive the “Life Pack” items
especially since the rain was coming. There was a lady talking to Steven as we walked
up, Krystal, she had lived on and off the streets, and also was clean but had been a
drug addict since she was 12. She s working hard to change her life after she almost
lost her life back in November when she was attacked on the streets. LPP and a
specific volunteer in our group who is gifted in individual help is extending their hand
to continually help Krystal succeed.
As we where leaving a couple walked by, Marvin, and Karen, they are hoping to leave
the homeless life soon. They are trying to start over in Apple Valley where they will get
married. Until then they were pleased to receive a “Life Pack” and they hope to pass it
on to someone else when their circumstances change.