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2013 in the LA Times. There are 58,000
homeless people living in Los Angeles County.
This makes LA second in the nation to NYC, for  
having the largest homeless population, a 15%
increase in two years.

One out of 45,or about 1.6 million children
are homeless
each year, according to a 2009
study by the National Center on Family
Homelessness. Reported by American Instituted
for Research. (latest reports found)

Alaska, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho,
Nevada, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island,
Washington State, and Washington
D.C. have the highest rates of homelessness,
according to a study released in 2007 by The
National Alliance to End Homelessness.(latest
reports found)

People who are homeless frequently report
health problems: 38%
report alcohol use
26% report other drug use problems,
39% report some form of mental health problems
(20-25% meet criteria for serious mental illness),
66% report either substance use and/or mental
health problems,
3% report having HIV/AIDS,
26% report acute health problems other than
HIV/AIDS such as tuberculosis, pneumonia, or
sexually transmitted diseases,
46% report chronic health conditions such as
high blood pressure, diabetes, or cancer.

The McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance
was the first—and remains the only—major
federal legislative response to homelessness.
President Ronald Reagan signed the act into law
in 1987. There have been many revisions to the
Law since.

Recognize National Homeless Persons’
Memorial Day
Every year, on or around the first day of winter
(December 21), nearly 100 communities
nationwide hold local memorial services to
remember people who have died homeless
during that year.
Join us this year on
December 21, 2014 as we hold a candlelight
vigil in Valencia and walk for the homeless

•        March 28 Prepare Life Packs 9-11am, includes continental breakfast
•        March 29 Deliver Life Packs
•        March 29 Board Meeting prepare for Summer Concert

•        April 25 Prepare Life Packs 9-11am, includes continental breakfast
•        April 26 Deliver Life Packs

•        May 30 Prepare Life Packs 9-11am, includes continental breakfast
•        May 31 Deliver Life Packs
•        May 31 Board Meeting prepare for Backpacking Trip

•        June 27 Prepare Life Packs at 2nd Annual Benefit Concert
•        June 27 2nd Annual Love People Project Benefit Concert
•        June 28 Deliver Life Packs up to 5 volunteers

•        July 31 Prepare Life Packs 9-11am, includes continental breakfast
•        August 1 Deliver Life Packs up to 5 volunteers
•        August 1 Board Meeting final preparations for Backpacking Trip
•        August 7-9 1st Annual Love People Project Backpacking Trip

•        October 17 Prepare Life Packs 9-11am, includes continental breakfast
•        October 18 Deliver Life Packs up to 5 volunteers
•        October 18 Board Meeting Prepare for Fundraising Dinner Party

•        November 21 Prepare Life Packs 9-11am, includes continental breakfast
•        November 22 Deliver Life Packs up to 5 volunteers

•        December 19 Prepare Life Packs 9-11am, includes continental breakfast
•        December 19 Board Meeting pre-party What’s to Come for 2016
•        December 19 2nd Annual Love People Project Fundraising Dinner Party
•        December 20 Deliver Life Packs up to 5 volunteers
•        December 21 National Homeless Persons Day Candle Light Vigil March


Delivering “Life Packs” to the Homeless of LA 11/16/14

On November 16 four volunteers went into Los Angeles to deliver the “life packs”. We
meet Roderick, 57, he is originally from Louisiana and has been homeless for 19
months. He knows that God takes care of his daily needs and that he will soon get off
the streets, he understands that he needed to learn to not take life for granted.
Roderick knows his situation will turn around and has faith.

Mary, was walking by with her shopping cart which contained her life belongings. She
is 54 and is from south-central she shared some of her story and told us that she has
family that takes her and her adult daughter who has cancer. Mary did not want to
confess to being homeless as it is shameful in her eyes.

Philip collected money and food on the corner with Roderick, they are neighbors
under the Soto St. Bridge and look out for each other. Philip, nickname Pirate is 51,
he is from New Jersey and has lived in California since 85’. He has a brother in
California that he had a falling out with and has not seen in 10 years. Philip became
homeless after he lost his eye in a fight with a gang member.

On the other side of the street we met Christian, who was blasting 98.7 out of her
broken radio that was hanging off of the fence. Christian is 34 years old and is still a
current drug user. She lives in a large crate with her boyfriend and they collect a lot of
used items to make their crate look like a home. She was very thankful for the hygiene
items in the backpack because she still cared about her appearance as she was
putting on make-up when we walked up. It was clear that Christian had signs of mental
illness or damage from continual drug use, or both.

We moved on from that spot to a location off of Alameda where we met David Falon, a
former quarterback that played for USC, The Rams, and the Raiders. He was the
victim of a hit-and-run accident on September 7, 2012 that landed him in the hospital
for nine months. While in the hospital he lost everything. David’s story is unique
because six years prior to the day of his accident his wife and his child where killed by
a drunk driver. David has lived the high life and now struggles homeless and still
fighting his case in court. In the accident his leg was severely broke, he lost his
spleen, and had a total of nine broke bones. David is a fighter and believes his life will
turn around when all of the court proceedings end and he can win his case.

Freddie came rolling up in his wheelchair, he is David’s friend and also works the
same street corner. Freddie has an amputated leg and has no surviving relatives. He
is in his 60’s and has been homeless for 15 years. He moved his family to California in
85’ from St. Louis in hopes for a better life. The company he worked for closed during
the 92 recession.

We gave out the final four “life packs” to Billy, Nicole, Kiki, and Salvador. They all lived
close together under the bridge. Billy and Nicole are proud parents to a  beautiful one-
month-old baby who’s name is BJ Three. Nicole a former drug addict said BJ is her
miracle child and has helped her to turn her life around. Billy works at the local recycle
plant and makes about $60. A day. When he can he pays for a hotel room for them
both.   Kiki, has been homes for as long as she can remember and is originally from
Los Angeles. She said she has surviving parents that live in Las Vegas. Kiki helps with
Nicole’s baby and also works at the local recycle plant on occasion. The recycle plant
owner gave her a rabbit to take care of, it gives her care, love, and a sense of
responsibility. Salvador, 44, did not speak much English but suffered from paranoia
and shared that he was concerned about people coming around and hurting himself
and children.

This particular trip was hard for the volunteers because of Nicole, Billy, and their child.
I, Julie Beijer, founder of LPP left in tears promising to comeback with help for them
and their baby. That day LPP took on a whole new level of  help and a higher
standard of hope. When we can we will not just provide “life packs”, but for specific
cases we will help those that truly want to get off the streets and change their lives.

If you would like to get involved, be a volunteer, or donate, please contact us at and download the volunteer form.

Love People Project Helping Beyond the Life Packs

On December 7, 2014 I was able to help out a young couple that we meet in
November. Nicole and Billy where living on the streets of Los Angeles with their new
born baby BJ3. At the time we meet them we where only able to give them a “Lie Pack”
but after talking with them we realized we needed to do more. The Baby is what they
call their “miracle child” because he helped both of them to change the course of their
lives. Nicole got clean and sober as soon as she found out she was pregnant and Billy
has been supporting her and looking for work.

The second mission to helping Nicole was to get her birth certificate, so she can get
her ID, apply for work, and get aid. LPP was able to make that happen, on December
7, 2014 I dropped off her birth certificate and got to visit with them again. By this time,
Billy had gotten a job at a local recycling plant making $65. a day and had moved
them into a hotel room. When I arrived the babies social worker was there evaluating
the situation. So you could imagine how happy they were when I showed up with her
birth certificate. This event also showed the social worker that they are trying to be
proactive in changing their life.

This was a special day, and because of it, and this couples motivation, LPP has
dedicated their time, money, and efforts to helping this family with their future.  

At Christmas LPP gifted Billy, Nicole, and BJ3 with Christmas gifts of Clothing and paid
for the expense of  their hotel for a week. They where very grateful and loving. Help
support LPP and this family with a donation today.