On December 21, 2015 at 5pm Love People Project will join those in the community that will choose to walk in
remembrance of the many that have perished living on the streets in homelessness. This is a National event to raise
awareness and to morn those that have been forgotten and lost in poverty. We will meet at the fountain in front of
the movie theatre @ Valencia Town Center Shopping Mall. Once everyone has received a candle, we will light
them and then walk the circumference of the mall, starting south on Mc Bean Dr. and finishing back at Town
Center, where there we will close with an announcement and group prayer.

To volunteer for this event please contact us and fill-out the volunteer form below and email or mail it back to us.
To find out more about this event nationwide please follow the link below @ National Homeless Persons
Memorial Day.  
Love People Project
25852 Mc Bean Parkway #817
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Volunteer/Founder: Julie Beijer
Volunteer/V.P: Don Hendricks
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