Volunteers We Need You:

*LPP needs volunteers to help prepare the packs, pick-up donated items, distribute the "Life Packs", office work, social
media updates, and purchasing thrift store items.
*Please go to our
calendar page and find an event that works for you.  
*Please fill-out the application form and someone will get back to you when your application has been processed.  Applications
must be submitted and processed one week before event. If you miss the event you wanted there is always an opportunity to
serve every month.

All volunteers will receive a Love People Project t-shirt to wear on the volunteer service day. This shirt is yours to keep so you can
share the message of the Love People Project.

Volunteering creates the 3-C's; community, compassion, and change.
Helping one another is a universal calling and should not be ignored. Please do your part to make this planet more unified.
Volunteering is rewarding; helping another not only blesses them but it blesses you too.

To those that choose to volunteer, we want to thank you in advanced. It is people that love, people that care, people that give,
and people that make a difference in the life of others that bring peace, equality, and justice to humanity.  We could not
accomplish this mission on our own, your stewardship helps us change the course of one homeless person at a time.
May you be richly blessed by your contribution today.
Love People Project
(661) 755-2767
25852 Mc Bean Parkway #817
Valencia, CA 91355
Volunteer/Founder: Julie Beijer
Volunteer/V.P: Don Hendricks